Enhance your songs with string arrange­ments,
brass arrangements & more…

Looking for some strings to enrich your song, or brass to add some bolster to your track?

Or maybe you’d like something more unusual, such as a harp or melodeon part, to make your music stand out from the crowd?

Fly Point have experience writing instrumental arrangements for all sorts of projects. We have the skills and tools to produce anything from a simple solo violin part to full orchestral scores, as well as contacts with some of the best session musicians to record them in the studio, to provide you with the finished article. Simple!

Get in touch with us for a quote tailored for you – there’s no obligation for this.

Vicki hornMirka violinJohn cello

Recording french horn, cello and violin arrangements at Yellowbean Studio, Leicester.

String Arranging – Audio Samples

Hallelujah (strings)This string quartet (violin, viola, cello, double bass) arrangement was added to create a rich and warm accompaniment to this cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.

It Won’t Be Very Long (strings)Melancholy string arrangement for viola and cello, with a slow waltz feel

I See You, You See Me (strings + glockenspiel)Strings and glockenspiel add dynamic contrast to this light, folky song

What Would You Know (strings)Strings add richness to Si Clancy’s epic song ‘What Would You Know’ in this instrumental

That’s All (brass)3 french horns act as an intro for Si Clancy’s song, ‘That’s All’

Cyanide (strings)A string quartet helps to build the energy this song, alongside the band